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Hello World! Today is: 19/04/2021

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Restarted Drupal website

since i made a 'little' mistake while upgrading the previous site with the minor upgrade from 7.23 to 7.24 i couldn't log in anymore.
So i started again, directly from 7.24 and a new blank mysql 5 db.
Plan is that i'll follow another book / author to set up the new site to see another aproach. Ah, well, been quite a time i kept busy wtih the previous attempt on creating a website so i might have forgotten a thing or two.

Basicly is the main plan to have a website with a photo gallery and some a way to give my dad a possibility to upload pictures he took directly to the album.
And of course the masterplan is to learn how to work with drupal and discover its possibilities.

Good luck to myself! :-)